Which kind of materials of the blanket should I choose?
If you want your pet to keep warm during the coming winter, we recommand premium pure color fluffy serires. It has double layers, thicker than other blankets in the market. If you seek for the softest touch feeling for your pet, be recommand super soft or premium flannel serires. For details you can click Shopping Guide to compare with different materials by a clear radar chart we made.
Where can I get special discunt for your products in the first place?
You can follow our facebook, instagram, or register this website to be a member of Allisandro Familly. We will send different sale informations at irragular intervals.
How should I wash the blanket?
You can wash our product in a regular way. It means using washmachine and dryer. Our high quality blanket won't shrink and fade. Please rest assured that use of.
Could I use it, too?
Of cause! Our high quality blankets has no toxic, no peculiar smell, non irritating.
Why your fluffy velveeten blanket seems to be a little expensive than other competiors??
Our fluffy velveeten blanket has double layers stitched. It makes blanket thicker than others to keep our pets warm during the coming winter.