Why Allisandro?

Why Choose Allisandro?
1. Made with high-quality materials that we can give our pets the best shopping experience.

2. A lovely company who cares how pets feel.

3. Stylish modern design that you will love it.

4. Responsive after-sale service. Please contact us for help anytime. 

5. Brand Concept
Adhering to the “Cozy Life for Pets” brand philosophy, Allisandro considers the quality of pet products as important as that of baby products. The brand is committed to creating safe, soft, warm, and comfortable products by using environmentally friendly materials. Love our pets, just like our baby, and give our family members a comfortable life!

Brand Development History

After two years of development, Allisandro has been steadily improving the quality of its products.

In April 2016, the first Snowball series of pet blanket was sold in Amazon, Germany.

In September 2016, we increased the thickness of the blankets in order to provide a better warming experience for pets.

In December 2016, the edge of the blanket was upgraded to provide a better experience for pets and users.

In February 2017, we found the best material for the blankets that can be used on infants.

In September 2017, blanket design elements were enriched, and the second-generation Snowball series was formed.

In March 2018, to embrace spring and summer, we introduced the Macaron series of pink & blue carpets to bring users more choices.


We are looking forward to a bright future!