FlexiNest Dog Bed - From Couch to Floor
FlexiNest Dog Bed - From Couch to Floor
FlexiNest Dog Bed - From Couch to Floor
FlexiNest Dog Bed - From Couch to Floor
FlexiNest Dog Bed - From Couch to Floor
FlexiNest Dog Bed - From Couch to Floor

FlexiNest Dog Bed - From Couch to Floor

  • ✔️ Removal Cover
  • ✔️ Leakproof Design
  • ✔️ Furniture Protector
  • ✔️ Head-resting Design
  • ✔️ Premium Non-slip Bottom
  • ✔️ Anxiety-reducing Materials
  • ✔️ Zipper Design to add padding

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Designed with your pet's well-being in mind, the bed features bolstered sides, offering both physical and emotional support. These sides create a headrest that's almost as comforting as your lap, ensuring your pet feels secure and at ease. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety as your pet finds solace in their own little sanctuary.

  • Front Material: The Pet Bed is crafted with unbelievably soft, cruelty-free faux fur, providing an incredibly cozy and warm texture.
  • Non-slip Bottom: The pet bed features a bottom made of 100% silicone, offering a non-slip surface. Unlike mats that use PVC, our silicone bottom is derived from natural materials, eliminating strong smells. It keeps the mat securely in place, providing safety and stability in your home.
  • Worry-free Choice: To enhance comfort for your pets and offer peace of mind for owners, we've incorporated a 220GSM natural cotton batting. Needle-punched for a thicker and more cushioned surface, this batting ensures a cozy experience for your pets. Additionally, a TPU waterproof lining adds an extra layer of protection against accidents or spills, making it a worry-free choice for both pets and owners.

Care instructions

  • Tumble dry medium
  • No iron
  • Machine wash cold
  • Can be dry cleaned
  • Ultra-Soft Faux Fur: Crafted with premium, cruelty-free faux fur, ensuring a soft and plush surface that your pet will adore.
  • Calming Design: Specifically designed to reduce stress and anxiety, the bolstered sides provide extra support, creating a comforting headrest for your furry friend.
  • Couch/ Sofa Protector: Not only does this bed offer a serene space for your pet, but it also acts as a protector for your couch or sofa, keeping it safe from scratches and fur.
  • Zipper for Customization: Equipped with a convenient zipper, it allows to easily add a pad or adjust the warmth to suit your pet's needs.

Bolster Height: 5" (12.7 cm)

Sleeping Area for Pets:

  • S: 32" x 30" (81 cm x 76 cm)
  • M: 35" x 33" (89 cm x 84 cm)
  • L: 42" x 38" (107 cm x 97 cm)


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" This cover has transformed our living room! Our Jack Russell, always the nervous type, settled right down on this. Seems comfy and loves the calming effect. Bonus - our sofa's never looked better! "
Jennifer J.


Spotless Settees, Happy Furballs!

Pooch-Proof Your Decor!

Farewell to Furniture Frets with Fido! 🛋️

Are you tired of fretting over scratches, spills, and the relentless siege of dog fur on your beloved furniture? Worry no more! Our protector is here to banish those woes while wrapping your canine companion in unparalleled comfort.

Gentle Care for Your Best Friend!

Wrap Your Pup in Comfort Without Compromise 🌿

Say hello to the Serenity Pooch Protector – where cozy meets care, no discomfort in sight. Our covers are all about the love, offering a 100% gentle touch to keep your pup's well-being top of mind. It's all about stress-free, healthier living for your dog. Because they deserve nothing but ease and happiness.

Snuggle Up in Organic Bliss!

Relax Your Pet with Serenity Magic! 🧚‍♀️

Hey! Caught wind of our organic faux fur couch dog bed ? It's like a zen session for your furry pal, doubling as a sleek couch guard. Crafted for stress-busting cuddles, it also eases their discomfort. Every nook becomes a dreamy snooze spot. Your pet luxuriates, your couch stays pristine. Total win-win!

Real people, Real reviews


"This cover has transformed our living room! Our Jack Russell, always the nervous type, settled right down on this. Seems comfy and loves the cooling effect. Bonus - our sofa's never looked better!"

Jennifer J.
Liverpool, UK

"5 stars! Bought this for my rescue beagle with separation anxiety. Total game-changer, she's much calmer now when we leave. Plus the cover looks fab on my couch! 😍"

Jessica J.
Dallas, US

"Was skeptical how much a cover could affect my pug's anxiety, but I'm impressed. He's way calmer and I love that it's pain-free. Even our vet noticed a difference in his demeanor. Definitely recommend it!"

Dorothy D.
Philadelphia, US

"My furry friend loves it! It fits our love seat perfectly and it's amazing how it keeps him cool and comfy. No more scratching or panting, just one happy pup!"

Lisa L.
Los Angeles, CA

"A must-buy! It's like a chill zone for my hyper terrier. He just goes there to unwind. Totally worth it."

Kimberly K.
New York, NY

What sets allisandro apart?

Responsible Material

Made from 100% vegan and cruelty-free faux fur, providing a luxuriously soft and plush surface that pets love and ensures maximum comfort.

100% Safe Non-slip Bottom

Features a stable, non-slip 100% silicone base, naturally sourced and odor-free compared to PVC mats, securing comfort without sacrificing safety.

Zip & Customize Comfort

Designed with a user-friendly zipper, enabling effortless customization of padding to cater precisely to your pet's comfort preferences.

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